Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scoteesha uses conjunctive adverbs in text messages!

Throughout H.A.S.S. we make sure that our students consistently speak in complete sentences. Another thing that we ensure is that when they email us or text us they are using complete sentences. Now, "text talk" is hard to break...I slip myself sometimes but these kids are taking these rules seriously!

Today we visited Samford University and the kids had a WONDERFUL time touring the campus. The end of our tour ended with some serious downpour! Some brave souls ran to the bus, the rest of us stayed behind and waited for it to lighten up. Since I did not get to talk to Scoteesha (also known as Smack) I sent her a text message,
"Did you have a good time visiting the university?"

I did not think about the response I would get. But I was very impressed! She used a conjunctive adverb to describe her experience. This is especially cool because Mr. Younker spent time explaining to them why it is important to not only learn things but make sure that they apply it in their daily life. Her exact reply? "I did have a good time; however, I fell and broke my shoe."

She could have easily have replied "it wuz aiight" or "yup" but she took the time to apply what she had learned in Summer School.

These kids are amazing! They make every day worth it. If you're reading this Smackady Smack, we are all so proud of you!

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