Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Law and Innovation

So today we got back to business!!

This morning the kids were dressed bright and early in their finest professional wear. We had a hearty breakfast, like we do everyday, and then we hopped on the bus, and we hit the road for downtown Birmingham.

Why downtown??

We were visiting Christian & Small Law Firm! At the firm the kids settled in with drinks and bagels as they listened to Ken Simon and Sharon Stuart give EXCELLENT presentations.

From Mr. Simon we learned how to set concrete goals and how important it is to take initiative! They learned to stay inspired and to follow their passion, and he told a wonderfully inspiring story about his mother's pursuit of education.

From Mrs. Stuart we learned to THINK BIG!!!

T- Talent

T- Time

H- Hope

H- Honesty

I- Insight




I-In-Depth Learning

G- God

(Mantricia kindly pointed out that there are two t’s and two h’s in this plan.)

Mrs. Stuart then gave us a tour of the firm and even let us into her office. The kids ate that part of the day up! We were all so amazed by the amount of work that goes into being a lawyer! And we were awed by her breathtaking skyline view in her office window. (Brianna stayed a little far from the window; she isn’t so fond of heights, but Ms. Brown was kind enough to describe the beautiful scenery to her so that no one missed out.)

Christian & Small was a fantastic way to begin the morning.

Next we went to Innovation Depot and learned all about making iPhone apps. Fox 6 News accompanied us and interviewed Krisshandra and Dejuanay. When we got back to Indian Springs we got to go on a free-book-shopping spree. We were all in heaven. The kids grabbed armfuls of books. They grabbed Spanish-English Textbooks and novels by Ayn Rand and Shakespeare. They were like scholars in a candy shop!

We ended the evening by watching some more slam poets and discussing the subject matter. Then each student chose a poem to learn and recite themselves. They chose one of three poems; their choices were Nikki Giovanni, Maya Angelou, or Langston Hughes.

I can’t wait to see these performances!! We’ll be sure to tape them. :)

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