Thursday, June 23, 2011

H.A.S.S. visits Samford!

After visiting four different places in the past two days (JCC, the Galleria mall, Christian&Small and Innovation Depot), we got back to our normal routine yesterday – classes! It seemed like we haven’t sat in the classrooms for a long time, since we’ve been so busy going from one place to another. For Ms. Brown’s math class, we played jeopardy solving various integer problems. Kudos to Adrianna J, Diamond and Davontae for winning first place! Ms. Buckelew and her reading class continued their discussion on The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963 and started learning how to write persuasive essays.

After lunch, we had our first college tour at Samford University! Despite the thunderstorm that partially flooded our van and caused traffic as intense as that of rush hour, we safely made it to Samford an hour after our original appointment. The sky stopped pouring by the time we started our tour and we visited the science lab, the library, the cafeteria and other various buildings. We listened to Dr. Steve Donaldson’s (a brother of Mrs. Sharon Stuart from Christian&Small) presentation on computer science after the tour. The weather was just not working with us, because the moment we walked out of the science building to head back to our bus, it started raining again. A couple drops quickly became a heavy downpour that made us sprint back to where we parked. A few of us fell on our way running but luckily no one got hurt. Jarvis told a few of us how he fell; it was unfortunate that he fell but the way he told the story was hilarious. Ms. Buckelew literally laughed until she started tearing up! Anyway, we made it back to Indian Springs safely despite the thunder and lightning.

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