Wednesday, June 29, 2011

McWane Science Center 6/25

Krisshandra makes the biggest bubble of her life!

I am not sure about the students, but the staff had an excellent time at the McWane Science Center this past Saturday! Through the complementary tickets provided by the McWane Science Center, the H.A.S.S. students were able to learn in a different way other than the standard textbook and chalkboard combination. The three floors of excitement were a beautiful blend of learning and education; the students did not even realize that they were learning about sharks, gravity, leverage, computer science, sound waves, brain activity, fossils, wildlife, meteorology, and much more.

Does this look like Curtisha?

In addition to having the opportunity of visiting the interactive portion of the center, the McWane Science Center invited H.A.S.S. to view a film in the IMAX theatre! This opportunity was a first time experience for many within both the student body and staff. We were blown away by both the acoustics and sheer size of the theatre. The education film we saw was Tornado Alley, which hit home for our students after the horrific tornadoes that came close to our communities this past spring.

Krisshandra vs. Shon: They are facing off to see who can keep their brain the most relaxed

When we returned to campus at Indian Springs our students realized that they needed to get right to work. We took a short break to relax in our dorms; however, the H.A.S.S. students filed into the computer lab by 4:00 p.m. to get to work on their research papers. The kids are putting some real work into these papers; I am humbled by their level of commitment to this summer experience.

Pound Cake and Mr. Younker left their mark at the McWane Science Center

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