Monday, June 13, 2011

Putting in Work!!!

Some of our students woke up early and ready for class, some of our students woke up groggy after watching the NBA championships, and some of our students woke up when a teacher knocked on their door (this was right about the time they were supposed to be getting ready to walk over to breakfast).

Today our students began their new reading classes: 8 students are reading, The Watson’s go to Birmingham and 7 students are reading, The Giver. We are working to create an atmosphere that will set them up for college, so we had the students register for the reading class they wanted based on the description. This was a novel idea for them and it was fun to explain how and why this happens.

In Math, the students were in groups of 3 playing a, “Multiplying Binomials by Binomials” dominoes game (wow that was a mouthful). It was a lot of fun and became really intense, the kids worked hard to get ahead, but just like life there had to be a winner. As the game was coming to a close the students became even more competitive. Kudos to Adrianna T, Adrianna J and Tricia for getting the win!

As I write this blog I am sitting in a common area, and there are kids all around working on their homework, reading assignments or make-up work. EVERYONE is working…I am currently typing to the sound of computer keys and the faint chant of “Racks on Racks on Racks” playing through Jarvis’ headphones. It’s a wonderful feeling. It’s a beautiful sight. Some make remark that they have seen the most beautiful mountains, most beautiful ocean, or most beautiful beach but I believe that true beauty is found in seeing the future of America grow.

We have group reading so we have to jet. Check out the vid of all our kids working early in the afternoon after classes.


  1. The Giver is my favorite! Will have to be sure and ask their thoughts on the ending.

  2. I really enjoy it as well! It fosters such good conversation in class. It really makes them think outside of the box. You should definitely do it!